Below you’ll find what you’ll need to know for your visit. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us!

Walk-ins always welcome! (An invitation to see if we can accommodate you, not a guarantee of service at that moment.)

Mon 10-4 after 4 by appointment

Tues-Thurs 10-5 with hours after 5 by appointment

Fri 10-5

Sat 10-1

These are estimates on our pricing not quotes. Call for pricing with your stylist.

Service Price Service Price
Women’s cut 36 – 45 Color/re-touch 75+
Men’s cut 22+ Color/re-touch/cut 85+
Age 1 – 5 7 – 10 Highlight (1 color) 75+
Age 6 – 12 12 – 20 Highlight (2 colors) 85+
Age 12 – 17 20 – 28 Highlight/cut 120+
Formals 75 Color/highlight/cut 130+
Pedicure 38 Permanents/cut 90+ spirals or other long hair 70/hr
Balayage/ombres/corrective color (may require consultation first) 70 per hour
We accept the following payment types:
  • Checks (make out to your stylist)
  • Credit Cards
  • Cash
We are all independent stylists who operate our businesses under the umbrella of Vanessa’s Salon. You may find that our prices differ slightly depending on who does your hair, according to their expertise and experience. If you are a regular customer, please inform us ahead of time who your normal stylist is so that you are not surprised by a different fee. Our policy is to charge according to your regular stylist’s fee; we also want to give you every opportunity to have your regular stylist, so please let us know in advance. Because we are all independent, we ask that you make your check out to your stylist. If you have questions about a fee you were charged please ask to speak to Vanessa Perron directly. Thank you!



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Balayage, Ombres, meltings, OH MY!!!

We would like to educate our clients on how to achieve these beautiful, advanced color trends. Balayage and color melting are the techniques to get those gorgeous ombres, hand painted highlights etc. To achieve these we need to take a lot of things into consideration such as:

  • What is your desired look?
  • What has been previously done to your hair?
  • Do you have old color on your hair?
  • At home color that has been being done for years?
  • New growth as well as old color or highlight?
  • Will there be a cut involved?
  • Can we give you the desired look and keep the integrity of your hair intact? (In other words can your hair handle being lightened without breaking off)

These new styles can take anywhere from 2 hours up 8 hours depending on length, thickness and processes. This means that sometimes it’s several sessions in the salon to give your hair a break in between chemical services to recover.

These advanced coloring techniques take time, money and patience to achieve.

  • Do you have the time?
  • Do you have the patience to endure between services until desired affect can be achieved?
  • Is the cost of these services within your budget?

Because of the “unknown” factors in doing these colors we have to charge by the hour. A consultation is a MUST before your actual service. This means making a 15 minute appointment with your stylist. Bring the picture or concept with you so we can adequately tell you if it’s achievable. Be honest, We MUST know the history of your hair. Previously colored, how long, how many times etc.

These services will be at a 75 per hour rate with consultation being free.

If you usually have a regular color re-touch or highlight service and decided at the time of your appointment that you want one of these advanced colors, you may need to reschedule that appointment as the usual time may not be adequate. So a partial fee may be charged if you were not able to communicate ahead of time that you were looking for advanced color changes.

We love all of these new color options and are anxious to bring them to you but we will need your help to achieve the best possible way to make them happen. Thank you!



Hair byJaclyn Fortin

Here is a snapshot of today’s craziness at the shop! My client graciously sat in my chair for nearly 6 hours as we extracted, lightened, olaplex treatment and re-colored using various color sync toners! It was a challenge and a half!! These kind of processes are not regular appointments! They are time consuming and expensive.

We began with Matrix’s new So Color Cult Eraser to first remove years of Demi glaze color from her hair (ex-picture 2). I then used 3 different levels of lightener to remove the brass tone left over from the initial extraction (ex-picture 3). We did a full Olaplex treatment between picture 3 and the actual color application! This client is solid grey beneath her original image with the level 6 Demi brunette, and we felt it was time to start transitioning her back to a low maintenance routine! We achieved 6 levels of lift and a specific two toned application of color sync toners to achieve picture